Natures Gold

Biosolids are the organic byproducts of wastewater treatment. They contain the macronutrients plants need – nitrogen, phosphorus, and a trace of potassium – as well as the organic matter needed to replenish the soil and retain moisture. Biosolids also contain the full spectrum of the micronutrients plants need for optimum growth – sulphur, magnesium, manganese, iron, calcium, copper, and zinc – which are not found in most commonly used commercial fertilizers. Each day at least three truckloads of dewatered biosolids are delivered from the treatment plant to the City’s Biosolids Recycling Facility in Winfield, where they’re mixed with enough wood waste (hog fuel or wood chips) to create an environment where aerobic ( oxygen – requiring ) bacteria can flourish. The resulting mix Is then piled in numbered windrows. The aeration needed to promote effective decomposition is provided by perforated pipes attached to blowers which distributes air into the piles. As aerobic bacteria move and multiply, the piles heat up – often exceeding 60 degrees Celsius. The heat kills pathogens (viruses and disease causing bacterial), making the material safe to handle after three days. Rapid decomposition continues for 21 days. To ensure consistency, the compost is then screened to remove excess wood waste, which in turn, is used again in the initial mixing process. Testing is conducted for pathagene levels, nutrient value, moisture, ph, and metals content. Test results are submitted to the provincial Environment Ministry for approval. To date, all compost produced has received the highest possible quality rating. To stabilize and “cure” the carefully – monitored compost, it’s replied and allowed to continue composting.

Natures Gold further refines it's product to 1/8" and 3/16" for golf course use. If necessary, piles are aerated with blowers or by turning. As the compost matures, it gets darker and takes on a earthy smell. A sample of Natures Gold was sent off to Brookside Laboratories Inc, which has received a U.S.G.A. accreditation for conducting physical analyses. The analysis report came back saying that, Natures Gold meets all the requirements of a U.S.G.A. golf green construction mix. For more information please click HERE.