Sod Wall Bunker

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Left: Just starting to make the shape of the bunker.

Right: When you do construction you will get surprises, mine was this stump. A few hrs later and it was all chopped up and removed.

Left: I created a bowl shape on the bottom, then I put in a 3 solid pipe for drainage. I made a step along the back of the wall for the sod to sit on.

Right: A side look at the bunker, you can see the white drain pipe at the lowest part of the subsurface, it drains into the stream.

Left: All the sod is in and so is the geotextile. Before I put the sod down I cut the geo to the shape of the bunker, I started at the bottom of the step with laying down the sod, after every second row I would start the next row 1/4 back, this way when the wall was done it was leaning back. I also pack the back of the sod with soil as I went a long.

Right: This is an over head look of the bunker, 2 perforated sock pipe was hooked up to the 3 drain line.

Left: The bunker sand is in to 5 depth. I sprayed round-up on the sod wall to kill the grass, I did this so the sod layers could be seen.

Right: As you can see the sod wall bunker ascetically looks and plays great.