Tee Box

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The thick wooded area is where I will build my 250 square foot tee box. Most of the trees will be removed (strategically flattened) so the tee can be built.

Left: Trees are down and now the clean-up starts.

Right: I found the stream bed and to my surprise there are rocks along side the banks.

Left: Tee box is all cleaned up, rocks are going down on the stream bed.

Right: A straight on look of the tee box.

Left: Starting to make the front edge of the tee.

Right: A dry stack rock wall at the back of the tee.

Left: Late October and the stream is flowing for the first time.

Right: The subgrade on the tee is almost complete. A side shot showing a 1% slope from front to back on the tee. I used a 20 long 2x4 on end, then place a 1 nut under one end of my level , as long as the bubble stays in the middle of the level I have a 1% slope on the tee.

Left: 2 perforated sock pipe in the trench at the back of the tee.

Right: Pea stone covering the pipe.

Left: Sand going down to a depth of 8 compacted.

Right: The finished surface has mirrored the subsurface and I have a 1% slope from front to back.

Left: Straight on look of the tee.

Right: 2 rough sod going down in front of the tee.

Left: All the rough sod is down. Natures Gold (organic fert.) is on the tee surface, will work it into the top 5 of the sand.

Right: 1/4" in height sod went down to complete the tee surface.

Left: A straight on look of the finished tee box and the stream. This took approximately 2.5 months to build.

Right: Tee Box is complete. I use a Jacobsen walk behind greens mower to cut my tee, collar and approach.