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To be successful with a turf project like this you will need lots of help and ongoing support. You need to ask questions and to do your best at problem solving.

When “Murphy’s Law” comes along to cause havoc with your project (and he will) you will have to find a way to solve the problems.

Two main ingredients that are going to help you with a project like this are sacrifice and hard work, and as you get farther into the project you will find out that there are two things that you can’t get enough of, time & money, but do what ever it takes to finish the job.

The names that are listed below helped to make one of my dreams come true. If it wasn’t for their effort and time this project would have never got off the ground. I feel very fortunate that I could call on these people for their support.
- Jennifer Crompton – wife/G.M.
- Randy Page, taught me about flow and shape when designing a layout. I appreciate his patience with asking all my many questions, and is one of the reasons for my success.
- Brian Youell, Superintendent Uplands GC.
- Greg Kowalski, superintendent Royal Oak GC.
- John Smith, web site designer/
- Mick Kilsby, owner Nature’s Gold.
- Dale Barry, owner Yardworks landscaping.
- Harry Christ.
- Terry Lim owner Saanich Tuf – Turf.
- Huey Schmidt, fabricator.
- Beth Jones, financial help.
Thanks again to everyone for making this construction project successful – Rob.