Soil Testing

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Istrc Soil Testing

I would like to thank David & Eric Doherty with providing this valuable information. It will improve my green and in the process makes me a better turf manager, which is a good thing. I can’t stress enough how important it is having accurate information when maintaining healthy turf .125” or lower.

I invite you to visit ISTRC's website where you will find valuable information for maintaining healthier turf.

2009 ISTRIC Kinipela Soil Test results

2008 ISTRIC Kinipela Soil Test results

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This tool is used to collect the soil samples from the putting green. There are three samples taken at different depths of the root zone 1” – 4”, 4” – 8”, 8” – 12”. A brass sleeve is inserted into the nose of the plugger, and then screwed onto the tool. Once the plugger is upright, you move the weight (top left of picture) up the shaft by hand. Then bring the weight down hard to drive the nose into the turf.

First soil sample taken at the 1”– 4” depth.

The brass insert is removed from the plugger, then both ends are capped. It’s then placed in a baggy and labeled. It’s now ready for shipping.

The cup changer does a great job at giving access for the deeper depths.

To get the nose of the plugger down to the 4” – 8” depth, I first had to use my hole cup changer to make a bigger hole. If you look hard you can see some pea stone in the middle hole.

Sand has filled the hole, and in time the turf will knit back together.

All three samples were packaged up and sent off to ISTRC for analysis. Within a few weeks I would receive my written report in the mail. With using ISTRC you get a one on one telephone conference with a consultant (mine was Robert S. Oppold), who will go over all the information and talk about improvements.